InterChange has recently invested in two different technologies to improve how assets are tracked and how customers are served. Because of InterChange’s rapid growth and the wide range of services the company offers, this new technology is needed so that decisions can be made quickly and accurately and so customers can access their information efficiently.


InterChange has recently invested in CarrierWeb, a multi-functional tool, which tracks the truck fleet via GPS and hours of service for the drivers. This technology allows InterChange managers to view all of its 34 trucks on the road and communicate with the drivers at any time.  CarrierWeb also allows managers to track how long each driver has been on the road, increasing safety and compliance with Federal Law in the operation of the machinery. This InterChange Dispatch Using CarrierWebvisibility allows managers to make quick and accurate decisions about accepting loads to haul and give timely answers to customers concerning delivery and pick-up. Costs will be cut and efficiency will increase as the program continues to be integrated into existing InterChange systems and procedures.  CarrierWeb will help cut down on InterChange’s paper usage, saving time and money as physical logbooks and other paperwork are no longer needed; information will be automatically filled out on the CarrierWeb web-based portal. Time spent processing this data will decrease as managers will now be able to run reports automatically from the program instead of sifting through stacks of paperwork. Federal law will mandate the use of this type of system in commercial carriers in 2017, and InterChange is excited to get ahead of the curve in the transportation industry by implementing this technology now.


InterChange has also recently introduced WebLink. Warehouse and logistics customers may now view inventories on demand and track the status of transactions as they are processed through our Warehouse Management System!  Customers now have direct access to:

  • Current (Real-Time) Inventory
  • Pending and Completed Shipments
  • Completed Receipts
  • Query Inventory on a Specific Date
  • Inventory and Transaction History

InterChange’s 3PL services are improved because this technology increases visibility and allows our customers to view real-time inventory and get a peek inside our Warehouse Management System.  Customers may now utilize this tool to find answers to their questions, confirm inventory levels, and locate discrepancies before they become an issue.  Here is a quick tutorial highlighting some of Weblink’s capabilities:

Inquire today by emailing or calling 540-433-1900 for additional information and/or access to Weblink!