InterChange is currently seeking building permits for a new 126,000 square-foot facility in Front Royal, Virginia.  The proposed location for the new facility is on the same property as their existing 48,000 square-foot facility, which borders the Virginia Inland Port, and will allow InterChange to increase both the quality and level of service that can be provided there.  Katie Demeria with Northern Virginia Daily did a recent article covering the expansion.  The current facility is home of InterChange’s Port Services, which provides shuttle services, cross-docking (frozen, refrigerated, or dry), and other services to distributors that operate through the Inland Port. InterChange perceives a higher demand for more facilities with storage and distribution services in the Front Royal area as the Inland Port continues to provide service to distributors in the region.  This is based on the fact that InterChange has recently had to move some storage from Front Royal to Winchester to meet the growing demand as they are currently pressed for capacity at the Front Royal location.  When this new warehouse is built, however, it will be possible to consolidate this storage back to Front Royal.

The Virginia Inland Port is owned by the Virginia Port Authority and provides rail service to Front Royal from the marine ports of the Norfolk International Terminals and the APM terminal based in Portsmouth. From Front Royal, the containers are then moved onto trucks or more rail cars for further distribution within the United States. InterChange has been providing cross-docking and shuttle services in this area since early 2006.

Ariel view of the Virginia Inland Port with InterChange facilities labeled (click to enlarge):

InterChange, Port Services, Virginia Inland Port, Front Royal

InterChange Port Services and Virginia Inland Port.