See this article from about the plans for a new food-grade warehouse.

InterChange is purchasing a plot of land about 15 miles from the ports in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and plans to build a food-grade warehouse on the site. The site itself is 13-acres and holds a lot of potential for InterChange to expand its services in Hampton Roads.

InterChange currently utilizes a trucking terminal for their trucking division that is located in Suffolk and allows them to bring containers in and out of the ports, connecting the ports to the rest of the Mid-Atlantic region. However, one thing that has been missing is a space to store goods for customers. This new space will give a nice base for the Hampton Roads operations and sets InterChange up for more expansion in the area.

A Food-Grade Warehouse:

A food-grade warehouse is a storage facility of any size that stores materials for human consumption. Many quality food-grade warehouses will have an accreditation from a certification agency (such as Quality Assurance Shenandoah Valley Refrigerated Warehouse – Main Campus – Black StripeInternational) that assure the facility is up to standards and the workers at the warehouse will also be highly trained in handling food products to prevent cross-contamination between products. One of the things that helps get an accreditation is having a well-built facility that stays clean and is very well kept up. InterChange recently purchased a facility in Lyndhurst, VA and spent a few months completely renovating the space to make it suitable for food storage, and has a full staff of maintenance personnel that keep the warehouses in good-working order. The offerings available in the warehouses owned by InterChange include: Hot, Humidity-controlled, Ambient, Air-Conditioned, Refrigerated, and Frozen storage.

InterChange specializes warehousing, logistics, and development and currently has 14 warehouse facilities in the Shenandoah Valley that total 1.6 million ft2 and around 450 acres of land ready for development. There is also a full staff of customer service representatives that are ready to take care of our customers needs in 3PL operations.