Portsmouth Logistics Center - Interchange

Your Gateway to The Port of Virginia

Centrally located to three marine terminals, InterChange's facility provides a key logistics advantage over other more distant locations.


More About the Port of Virginia

Sea Port Access

Our Portsmouth Facility is located centrally to the three largest marine terminals in the Port of Virginia: 7.7 miles to Virginia International Gateway, 6.1 miles to Portsmouth Marine Terminal, and 16.8 miles to Norfolk International Terminal.

Land Access

Our facility is located inside the Hampton Roads beltway, and is accessible without restriction of bridges or tunnels. The new MLK extension of Rt. 164 provides 4-lane access from Virgina International Gateway to the Portsmouth Logistics Center.

Mid-Atlantic Location

Our facility is strategically located in The Port of Virginia, which is centrally located along the eastern seaboard. The Mid-Atlantic location has access to approximately 2/3 of the US population (216 million people) within one day’s drive of the Port of Virginia

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Announcing Our 200,000 Sq. Ft., 12.5 Acre Portsmouth, VA Facility

The Port of Virginia is seeing tremendous growth in activity due to the expansion of the Panama Canal and even welcomed the first supersized Neo-Panamax cargo ship to the area recently.  With its central location along the eastern seaboard, the Port of Virginia and InterChange’s new logistics center brings unparalleled strategic advantages to your logistics operation.

The 12.5 acre plot is located just minutes away from three VA Port Authority marine terminals, and is conveniently located within the Hampton Roads beltway.  What’s more – your access to and from our facility is not hindered by bridges or tunnels.  This 200,000 sq. ft. facility includes 20 drop trailer locations, 28 docks, and food-grade specifications.

Portsmouth Logistics Center Gallery

Interchange Portsmouth Logistics Center plan