Our new labeling service saves you time and money

InterChange now offers a label and sticker application service perfect for promotional and shipping application. Stickers or labels supplied on a continuous, non-perforated roll can be applied to flat corrugated cartons or filled cases for your products.

This service is available in all of our warehouses, including food-grade (FDA registered) refrigerated/chilled, organically-certified environments at 35oF and food-grade (FDA registered) or industrial dry/ambient environments between 42oF and 100+oF.

There is a short lead time to launch a labeling project — as little as 2 days for small projects, assuming materials are provided.

Labeling services offered

Here is a sampling of this service offering that InterChange can provide:

  • Unstack and open cases of product in master shippers
  • Remove individual cases/cartons
  • Apply one (1) pressure-sensitive adhesive label to either the case/carton or master shipper
  • Repackage cases/cartons into original or new master shipper
  • Palletize finished cases on pallet, stretch wrap unit
  • Apply pallet label
  • Ensure information link for product traceability
  • Recycle any corrugate scrap

Labeling machine specifications

  • Labels must come on rolls within the specified dimensions below
  • Label width can be from 0.4” up to a max 6.125”
  • Label length must be a minimum of 0.4” up to a max of 12”
  • Can label flat corrugate and filled cases (up to 15lbs+–we have not tested more than 15lbs as this is a factor of the conveyor belt rather than the applicator)
  • We have a 12’(l) x 10”(w) conveyor that the applicator is attached to—cases can be as wide as 20” (potentially more depending where the case is to be labeled and the weight distribution of the case)
  • Laser sensor senses when the beam is broken and then a timer is dialed in to the appropriate setting to begin applying the label

Required dimensions

interchange labeling specifcations


Millimeters (mm) Inches (in)
Label Roll Tube Diameter (A) Minimum of 45.75mm

Maximum of 76.2mm

Minimum of 1.8in

Maximum of 3in

Label Roll Diameter (B) Maximum of 360mm Maximum of 14.17in
Label Width (C) Minimum of 10mm

Maximum of 160mm

Minimum of 0.4in

Maximum of 6.125in

Label Length (D) Minimum of 10mm Minimum of 0.4in

Maximum of 12in

 Product Samples