Port Services

InterChange has a 48,000 square-foot Port Services facility adjacent to the Virginia Inland Port terminal in Front Royal, VA, to provide warehousing and logistics services for the port’s customers. Designed for high volume crossdocking and short-term storage, the InterChange Port Services facility services companies needing to break down or consolidate goods for import and/or export. InterChange Port Services is positioned to aid companies in making their import/export operations run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

InterChange Port Services allows companies to move goods to or from its warehouse using traditional contract carriers where InterChange staff will quickly and professionally transfer them into or out of ocean containers eliminating the need for containers to make expensive round trips to their own operations. Additionally, because these containers do not have to travel over Federally regulated highways, Inter-Change Port Services can maximize the weights being loaded into (or, in the case of import moves) out of each container. InterChange Port Services offers competitively priced regional container drayage services to companies utilizing the facility.

InterChange Port Service’s location provides nothing but advantages. Daily rail service between the Virginia Inland Port and the Norfolk International Terminal optimizes and streamlines international distribution for your company. After containers pass through InterChange Port Services for consolidation, goods can then be moved by train to Newport News, Norfolk, or Portsmouth, VA, eliminating the hassle of navigating southeastern Virginia’s congested roads.

Or, if regional or local distribution is required, InterChange Port Services allows excellent access to I-66 and I-81. Located west of Washington, D.C. in Warren County, Virginia, InterChange Port Services is within a short drive to hundreds of inland locations.