Prime Vendor

InterChange offers consolidation and other value-added services for government suppliers

We have worked with current prime vendor suppliers to develop our program.  Click here for a detailed brochure.

A few features of our Prime Vendor program:

  • Service provider only – pay only for services you need
  • Central east coast consolidation point
  • Avoid DDC and booking headaches
  • Freight optimization and savings
  • Reduced export costs
  • Product and purchase order visibility
  • One-source for storage and transport

Prime Vendor services provided by InterChange

  • USDA inspections
  • FDA export certificates
  • Military labeling
  • DDC bookings
  • Consolidation/deconsolidation of loads
  • Manufacturer lot tracking and segregation
  • Ocean container pools on site
  • Container shuttle service to and from port
  • Palletized or floor loaded shipments
  • Palletization
  • Stretch wrapping and strapping
  • Order fulfillment
  • Purchase order tracking
  • Product quality inspections and sampling
  • Destruction and/or disposal of product
  • Air shipments

Features of InterChange Warehouse Facilities

  • Temperature controlled
  • USDA, FDA and DOD approved storage facility
  • Enhanced electronic facility
  • Pest control monitoring
  • Adjacent to rail served VA Inland Port
  • Daily rail and truck service to Norfolk
  • Reduced voyage transit times from Norfolk