An ‘Economic Engine.’ That is how the Virginia Port Authority’s CEO, John Reinhart, chose to describe the Virginia Inland Port in Front Royal, Virginia. The Virginia Port Authority has been in a resurgence year, going from losses of over $16 million last year to gains of over $6 million this year, and the Virginia Inland Port has contributed greatly to that success. The Port currently serves 35 major companies and has contributed to the addition of 8,000 jobs in the surrounding areas. InterChange’s Port Services facility is located in a strategic position to help businesses get the most out of the Inland Port, and their newly purchased facility in Winchester allows for quick shuttle and storage options for outbound and inbound loads that go through the Inland Port.


See the write-up that The Northern Virginia Daily did on the State of the Port presentation.

Inland Port/Port Services

Aerial view of Virginia Inland Port and InterChange Port Services