InterChange Group Cultural Keystones

Core Tenets

Our purpose, mission, beliefs and guiding principle

Our Purpose

Who we are and who we aspire to be

To be the premier industrial development company supporting supply chain management in the Mid-Atlantic.

InterChange will be known as the leading organization in the logistics industry. We deliver unparalleled service, flexible solutions and positive results to our customers (and their customers).

Our Mission

The impact we want to make on our clients

To help our customers (and their customers) achieve growth by being a conduit that allows our customers to focus on what they do best.

Rather than being reactive and task focused, InterChange will provide you with flexible ideas and outcomes that produce
sustained results.

Our Beliefs

How we think

At InterChange we believe in:


  • Focus on Growth
  • Safe and Healthy Team Members
  • Finding a Way to Say “Yes”
  • Discretionary Effort
  • Over-Delivering
  • Ownership for Results
  • Generosity
  • Flexibility without Sacrificing Quality
  • Consistency = Team Member Success

InterChange’s Guiding Principle

Our fundamental truth

InterChange will cultivate growth for our customers by empowering them to focus on what they do best.

The Brand Essence

InterChange will transform the industry as we know it by…

Long Form

InterChange is a vital partner to companies and supports its customers and the local economy by acting as an extension of local and regional businesses. This means that we listen to the needs of our customers, brainstorm and provide flexible solutions that evolve to fit those needs, locally and globally. Ultimately, we improve the efficiency and profitability of our customers.

Short Form

InterChange provides expert and customized logistics solutions to the region’s best businesses & organizations, enhancing their ability to compete in the global marketplace.

Defining InterChange

What we do, how we do it and why we do it

WHAT we do:

We ask questions
We listen
We brainstorm
We customize
We solve
We deliver
We build for capacity
We think long-term
We proactively communicate

HOW we do it:

We are the essential link between our customers and their customers by delivering flexible, customized solutions.

WHY we do it:

We believe the right way to engage customers is through an integrated and results-oriented approach. We have a deep passion for making an impact on the communities in which we live and work.

Attributes & Alignment

Who we want to work with and our working perspective

Ideal Customer Profile

  • Mid Atlantic Logistics Needs, Global Perspective
  • Financially Sound
  • Desires Flexibility
  • True Partner
  • Trustworthy
  • Growth Focused
  • Respects Our Expertise
  • Strong Communicator

Team Member Profile

  • Flexible & Creative
  • Safe
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Attention to Detail
  • Results Oriented
  • Focused on Others
  • Open to New Approaches
  • Collaborative / Idea Sharing

Leadership Team Profile

  • Integrity
  • Servant Leader
  • Flexible / Adaptable
  • Credible Expert
  • Committed to Excellence
  • Team-Oriented
  • Process & Systems Oriented
  • Strong Communicator

The Growth Engine

How we will grow as an organization

Third Party Logistics

We think through the details for our customers and manage their supply chain so they can focus on what they do best.


We have an extensive network of quality warehouses across the Mid-Atlantic to store your products in.


We have positive lending relationships, access to capital, and a diverse portfolio of available land.


We are your dependable and flexible carrier when you need to transport your products.

Land Development

We coordinate from concept to completion, a vertically integrated and turn-key solution.

Strategic Partners

We partner with local and regional government agencies, economic development organizations, valued team members, long-term customers, and trusted vendors.

The InterChange Experience

The type of environment we want our stakeholders to experience

Customer Experience

Superhero – We put on the cape for our customers
Cloverleaf – It’s not luck…it’s flexibility, innovation, and sustainability that allow us to thrive
Be the Link – We are the vital connection between our customers and their customers
Rubik’s Cube – We look at things from all perspectives & provide innovative solutions

Team Experience

Active Contribution
Continuous Growth
Positive Interpersonal Interactions
Energized & Healthy
Safe & Secure – always given resources necessary to do the job
Made a Difference
Connected / plugged in / engaged

Our Mantra

Our external and internal slogan

External Mantra

Our Expertise – Your Value

Internal Mantra

Be flexible to adapt, innovate, and thrive