InterChange just purchased a 12.5 acre parcel of land at 2175 Elmhurst Lane in Portsmouth, Virginia. The land contains an old 137,000 ft2 Gwaltney/Smithfield hot dog manufacturing Portsmouth facility (once the largest in the nation) that closed in 2011 when it was determined it could no longer contain the advancements in manufacturing technology (Phil Walzer, InterChange has plans to demolish the current facility and construct a 100,000 ft2 food-grade facility with room for an additional 100,000 ft2. Construction on the new facility will begin in the spring of 2016 and should be completed by the end of the year.
This new facility will give InterChange a stratetic position in the Hampton Roads area by being close to all three ocean terminals in the area, and will benefit the City of Portsmouth by continued real estate revitalization and employment opportunities for its residents.

See the City of Portsmouth’s full press release here: